Industry Project: Recap

The Project The development process of FlexiFeedback has been a thoroughly enjoyable one. Though it had it’s fair share of troubles and has not yet met all of its outlined goals, I am proud of what I have accomplished. Though only functional and not polished, all the elements of my proposed user interface have been […]

FlexiFeedback for Unreal

FlexiFeedback For Unreal is an in-game feedback panel that allows players to send reports of many kinds from the game to the developers GitHub Project Board. This project was designed to expand upon my skills as a developer and gain industry relevant experience. FlexiFeedback is comprised of three major parts: the in-game feedback panel, an […]

Kowloon Exigency

Kowloon Exigency is a short top-down shooter made in a team of four, focusing on creating an intriguing and visually complex level design. Within this team of four I undertook the roles of narrative designer, version control manager, cinematographer, and level designer. In my role as a level designer, I created four level tiles for […]


NoRhythm is an arcade rhythm game designed and created in three days by a team of two for Ludum Dare 45. This game was inspired by the theme “Start with nothing” and it’s design was driven by the musical talents of my teammate. NoRhythm was created in the Unity game engine with a total of […]

Industry Project: Backburner

This week this project had to take a back seat to other projects with sooner deadlines, and I only accomplished part of what I had originally planned. This week, I finished implementing Redis for caching and Amazon’s S3 for long-term and cross-instance storage. In addition, I added a administration page with a login page to […]

Industry Project: Server

This last week I spent working on the back-end server as described in last week’s update. This mostly went well, but is taking longer than expected. What made it in? For next week, I am planning to build the back-end server and test the GitHub and Discord API calls through it, write and test calls […]

Industry Project: Rework

As the chart above shows, this week I worked for less hours than planned but achieved significantly less progress than intended. This lack of progress is due to unforeseen issues with making API calls in C++, and the amount of time spent tackling the bug of screenshots not displaying. The images below show the final […]

At Any Cost

At Any Cost is a science-fiction tabletop role-playing game (TTRPG) setting built upon the Fate Accelerated TTRPG system. In the year 13812, mega-corporations have long divided the solar system up amongst each other. In this corporate government landscape tensions are running high as inter-corporate vies for power strangle competition in the face of dwindling new […]

Industry Project: Beginnings

Unfortunately, due to other work the week prior, this project had to be started in what was intended to be the second week of development and is a catch-up week. Though I didn’t completely catch up this week, I managed to make up about one third of the last week’s time. For more detail, see […]

Experience for Industry

The Experience As the journey of completing a university degree comes to it’s long awaited close, the time has come to broach the job market. Some job research later, and as discussed in more detail below, I found that both the games and software development industries look favourably upon many transferable skills. From reading through […]