Ashes of the Veil

Ashes of the Veil is a first person investigation game, developed and published as the capstone university project of a team of five.

During the course of development, I undertook the roles of technical lead, quality assurance tester, and producer.

As the producer, I created and managed our project tracking spreadsheet, organised meetings with the other team members, and presented our final piece to the course co-ordinator and a panel of local game developers.

As the quality assurance tester, I also created our QA spreadsheet, before running full and partial QA tests on our list of 500 items.

As technical lead on the project, I was programming some main features of the game and managing the two other programmers in our team. I designed and implemented the lens mechanic of the game, whereby the magical lens allows the player to see into the past, see residue from where others had used magic, and see omens of peril from the future highlighted in text. I designed and implemented the shader on the lens which only shows the highlighted elements within the view of the lens.

You can find the project on GameJolt and also on IndieDB.