Kowloon Exigency

Kowloon Exigency is a short top-down shooter made in a team of four, focusing on creating an intriguing and visually complex level design.

Within this team of four I undertook the roles of narrative designer, version control manager, cinematographer, and level designer.

In my role as a level designer, I created four level tiles for the project.

These tiles included a slum-like street, a run-down office corridor, a busy office space, and a penthouse balcony where the final boss battle takes place.

My tile designs are included in more detail below!

Four Level Tiles

In my roles as cinematographer and narrative designer I developed extra features for our game’s camera. These features included changing it’s position to ensure the player’s avatar is always in view, moving to show cutscenes, and shifting perspective at the end of a level.

In addition to developing the camera, I also implemented the cutscenes I designed. These cutscenes were designed to fulfill both narrative and gameplay functions, by conveying story and guiding the player towards their objectives.

More of my cutscene and camera work can be found in more detail below!

In my role as version control manager, I ensured that the integrity of the project files was maintained. I achieved this by reviewing the additions in each commit, managing pull requests, and resolving merge conflicts when they arose. This project was the culmination of 41 pull requests and 106 commits from four team members over the course of a month.

Slum Street Tile

Office Space

Office Corridor & Penthouse Balcony

Cutscenes, Camera, and Narrative

Keeping the Player Avatar Visible
Dossier Narrative Introduction
Police Blockade
End of Level Perspective